After Faceb00k

Composing image grids and artificial conversations.

After Faceb00k is an art collective that toured Canada, creating installations out of public Facebook content. For two of their installations, I provided technical assistance: developing software and configuring hardware.


For the Edmonton installation, they needed software that would allow them to create grids of images while controlling factors such as the number, size and padding of cells; the rate of change; the probability of change; and the probability of displaying duplicate images. It had to be possible to “compose” sequences of grids.

Angular, Django, MongoDB

Check out After Faceb00k’s post for more information and pictures of this installation.


In Loving Memory <3

For In Loving Memory <3, the idea was to create a sort of digital graveyard. A room, perhaps in a post-human future, in which servers autonomously share social media content (in this case, posts created by deceased individuals).

It had to be possible to animate the rack servers, emphasizing their presence in the room. So part of the software developed for the Edmonton exhibit was reused and extended to make it possible to orchestrate server noises.

NodeJS, UDP, Linux

The same software used in the Edmonton exhibit was used to create the video sequences.